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The Unemployment Insurance Dilemma Affects You

At a time when employers — and our economy — can least afford it, unemployment insurance taxes are rising rapidly and dramatically. Fortunately, unemployment insurance tax is one employer tax that can be controlled. But it takes know-how.

Employer Emissaries leverages that know-how for your benefit. Our company was started by a group of experts who worked at the very state agencies tasked with administering the UI program. While there, we saw, firsthand, how confusing regulations, inconsistent procedures and arbitrary rulings hurt employers.

Inattention to UI issues can erode the bottom line

Our goal is to keep that from happening. If your claims climb too high, if you are unprepared to combat frivolous claims submitted by separated employees, you may find that your UI premiums are on the rise. Once that happens, restoring them to a manageable level can take years.

We believe that, with the benefit of insider insight like ours, businesses can control the costs associated with unemployment insurance. Our goal is to defend the interests of our clients — the nation’s employers.

Combating Confusion and Controlling Costs

To help employers contend with the confusion, Employer Emissaries has developed a practical and affordable methodology. We know what biases bureaucrats bring to every appeal. We know how they interpret rules and regulations. And we know how to escape the bureaucratic quicksand with documentation, sensible procedures and easy-to-implement measures that minimize costs.

Harnessing that knowledge, we empower employers with the skills and tools required to respond to state agency requests and to present their cases on UI claims and at UI hearings.

We’re convinced that this is the best approach to managing costs, reducing headaches and ensuring fairness.

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